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Welcome to the world of Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis, your single-window Designing and Analysis solutions provider. We are proud to offer our expert and passionate team to answer your demands. Have a project, a product, a dream, an idea, anything to start with? Your one-stop solution provider at lowest cost is only a click away!

Advantages of CFD Analysis

Any mechanical object that deals with air or flowing gases dynamically hitting its surface, needs a careful and thorough adaptation to its surrounding atmosphere, so that its efficiency and performance is optimal.

CFD Design also ensures a long and maintenance-free life of the object. A sharper arrow will hit the target faster and makes more damage! That’s because a sharp edge has better Flow Dynamics than a blunt one.

Software we use for CFD Analysis NUMECA, Fluent, CFX are the various packages our Project engineers constantly work with. Other packages like Pro-E, Solidworks etc. supplied by Clients are also our skill-sets.

Typical Steps in CFD Analysis

  • Multiphase flows
  • Reacting flows
  • Rotating equipment
  • Moving and deforming objects
  • Turbulence
  • Radiation
  • Acoustics
  • Dynamic meshing

Our Benefits

  • Sustainable Designs
  • Conservation of Material, Resource and Energy
  • High set of ethical values towards Industry, Society, and Environment
  • Least Cost Designs

CFD Services

Industries such as Aerospace Engineering, Architecture/Civil, Defence, Automobile, Power plants, HVAC, Refrigeration, Paint shops, Home appliance manufacturing, Oil Drilling and Distillation, Treatment and Processing of various chemicals and edible products always involve heat transfer analysis, liquid, gas and solids. Their flow dynamics crucially affect performance of such systems.

Simple Steps to your Solutions

  • Preparation of Need Statement
  • Design Failure Analysis
  • Conducting Finite Element Analysis, Kinematic Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Value Engineering of Designs to optimize cost and performance
  • Least Cost Tolerancing of Designs for Assembly Build and Performance - Tolerance Stacks Analysis for estimating rejections
  • Drawing Development [using (G D & T) Standards (ASME) for high-end applications]

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  • Powerdown
  • Kendrion
  • Kontron
  • Kayson International Corporation
  • Fuglesangs
  • Nomenca