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Advantages of CFD Analysis and its practical applications

CFD Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the numerical method for deriving mathematical solution for fluid dynamics problems. CFD Analysis is used for prediction of wide range of problems related to flow velocity, density, chemical concentration, temperature, etc related to fluid flow as well as to define structural and thermal loads on substances absorbed in the fluids. This computerized fluid dynamics analysis is nowadays used extensively used in different technological applications like aircraft design, automobile designs, weather science, in civil engineering areas, oceanography; industries like IAQ/HVAC use this analytical process for its designing projects.

Advantages of using Computerized FD Analysis

CFD analysis services can detect/predict the performance of an application before actual installation of the system: these services help in rectification before installation of a project/design/planning, which saves manpower, cost, and takes care of quality.

This analytical process is less costly than an experiment because in this method physical modifications are not that important. The cost and time for physical modification of a system turns to be exponentially higher as the size of the system gets increased thus experiments with models gets expensive for a project at times.

The reliability is one of the prime factors behind the extensive use of CFD analytical method. The numerical process and schemes are rapidly improving these days especially with the advent of CFD analysis software the outputs are getting errorless hence CFD Analysis is being considered as a dependable tool for design analysis.

Practical applications of FD Analysis

Thermal projects
Nowadays, there are several industrial fields where Computerized FD analysis is used as an essential tool for output analysis. Research and study about utility and productivity of CFD Analysis of Thermal projects has revealed that prior testing with CFD simulation can enhance productivity and cost effectivity of a project. Hence in thermal projects these days Computerized FD analysis is widely used.

FD Analysis of Heat Exchanger
A heat exchanger is made of plenty of pipes ordered in a staggered structure with viscous liquid flowing between the pipes. FD analysis process is applied here in order to arrange the flow simulation for a large number of computational cells in order to decide correctly the tiny scales of the (laminar) flow through the contracted passages amidst the pipes.

CFD for car design
CFD software is used in automotive tasting and design. To be precise, it has various implementations. Some of the most popular uses of CFD Analysis of Car are

  • Automobile Aerodynamics Testing
  • Combustion and fuel system design analysis
  • Tasting for flow of engine
  • Thermal management of under hood
  • Tasting for small auto parts
  • Analysis of passenger comfort inside the care, on move/on stand
  • Analysis of exterior body parts and painting.

CFD for Centrifugal Pump

The design of hydraulic turbo machines has attended the stage where development can only be enjoyed via a thorough understanding of the inside flow. Computerized fluid dynamics analysis is being progressively applied in the blueprint of centrifugal pumps. With the support of a CFD approach, the multifaceted inner flows in water pump impellers can be predicted, to pace up the pump blueprint process. As a result, CFD has become a significant tool for pump designers.
These are a few ways CFD analysis is used and applied in practical fields for quality assurance and for optimization of resources and outputs.


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