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CFD Simulation Services - Flow CAD Modeling

All you have is an idea about the project you are investing into, with the purpose of profits. You may also have the outline specifications for the performance of your part/product. But you don’t know how to start. Or maybe the path you are thinking about is complicated and expensive.

Areas of Expertise
  • Multi-phase flow
  • Transient Analysis
  • Mesh Generation
  • Combustion
  • Turbo-machinery flow path modeling and optimization
  • Fluid-Structural Interaction (FSI)
  • Viscous compressible and incompressible flow
  • Aero-elasticity and high mach
  • Moving mesh, morphing mesh
  • Incompressible & compressible fluid flow
  • Non-Newtonian fluid models
  • Radiation
  • Porous media
  • Rotating Machinery

CFD Outsourcing is pleased to hear about your query, and is passionate about solving it! The wide range of CFD Services we offer have variety of simulation and analysis applications which help you to be 100% sure of your system’s optimum and profitable performance.

Simple Steps to your Solutions
  • Preparation of Need Statement
  • Design Failure Analysis
  • Conducting Finite Element Analysis, Kinematic Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Value Engineering of Designs to optimize cost and performance
  • Least Cost Tolerancing of Designs for Assembly Build and Performance - Tolerance Stacks Analysis for estimating rejections
  • Drawing Development [using (G D & T) Standards (ASME) for high-end applications]

CFD Consulting Services are offered to:
  • Automobile
  • Aircraft
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Marine
  • Consumer Products
  • Telecommunication
  • Chemical processing
  • Civil engineering
  • Semiconductors

All fluid flow, heat flow and construction processes under all working standards and parameters are designed and analyzed by our Project Engineers, who have relevant certified qualifications and experience in addressing many clients like you. Our engineers are highly qualified experts in the use of advanced CFD tools such as Fluent, CFX and NUMECA.

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Our Clients
  • Powerdown
  • Kendrion
  • Kontron
  • Kayson International Corporation
  • Fuglesangs
  • Nomenca
  • Bruce Industrial Company
  • Larson Engineering
  • Densitron Technologies
  • Jacobs
  • TAS
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  • ZF
  • Sage Parts
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  • Saint-Gobain
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  • Recon Engineering
  • YH America Inc.
  • Bradys
  • MEP-Olbo
  • Fridenson Engineering LTD.
  • Teplast
  • Powerdown
  • Kendrion
  • Kontron
  • Kayson International Corporation
  • Fuglesangs
  • Nomenca