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FEA Analysis Services - Solidworks FEA Modeling, Static & Dynamic FEA Analysis

CFD Outsourcing provides finite element analysis service to offshore engineering companies to complete their engineering projects within short turn around at effective cost. We apply finite element analysis technique to evaluate the behavior of components, equipments and structures for number of loading conditions with applied forces, pressure and temperature changes. Our FEA experts can solve non - standard shaped and complex engineering problems using finite element analysis.

FEA Analysis Our FEA Analysis Services include the following:
  • Linear and Non-Linear Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • FEM Modeling
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Pipeline and Stress Analysis
  • Crash Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Impact Analysis
  • Heat transfer Analysis
  • 3D Structural Analysis
  • Steady State Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis

We provide FEA analysis services for the number of scenarios like code compliance, design optimization, material weight minimization, shape minimization and fluid flow modeling etc. We have successfully developed FEA models for our industrial clients for over ten years. We regularly update our unique ability to combine finite element analysis data with calculation methodologies.

Software we use for FEA Analysis Services:
  • CFX

We serve FEA services to wide range of industries includes Heavy Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Consumer products, Educational, Electronics, Government/Defense, HVAC & Refrigeration, Telecommunications etc.

Our unique finite element analysis services can help you to avoid engineering changes, verify your functional requirements and answers your trial and error questions. The biggest advantages of our FEA analysis services is 100% product safety, improved reliability and overall reduced cost.

If you would like to discuss more about our FEA analysis services, FEA modeling and FEA consulting services or want to outsource your requirements, feel free to contact us.

Our Clients
  • Powerdown
  • Kendrion
  • Kontron
  • Kayson International Corporation
  • Fuglesangs
  • Nomenca
  • Bruce Industrial Company
  • Larson Engineering
  • Densitron Technologies
  • Jacobs
  • TAS
  • Kontron2
  • ZF
  • Sage Parts
  • Vulcan
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Elkamo
  • Central Construction Industries
  • Recon Engineering
  • YH America Inc.
  • Bradys
  • MEP-Olbo
  • Fridenson Engineering LTD.
  • Teplast
  • Powerdown
  • Kendrion
  • Kontron
  • Kayson International Corporation
  • Fuglesangs
  • Nomenca