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Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Services

We provide our clients with an accurate solution for FEA and CFD analysis, in typical problems where they are intrinsically coupled together. Generally, these are the problems where the fluid pressure creates structural deformation at the fluid boundaries, which, in turn, changes the fluid pressure. Independent analysis of physics, without consideration of the coupling, can produce misleading results.

Fluid structure interaction consulting projects are especially challenging because the convergence of the FSI analysis not only requires convergence of the nonlinear Navier-Stokes equations, but also simultaneous achievement of equilibrium with the nonlinear structural FEA solution.

CFD Ousourcing provides a full range of FSI analyses ranging from vortex shedding estimates for lighting columns to comprehensive design and optimization of pumps, turbines and renewable energy equipment.

Consultancy services:

  • Fluid Driven Vibration
  • Fan & Compressor Design
  • Civil Structural Design (Vortex Shedding) Hull performance assessment

Software We use:

  • ANSYS Fluent
  • OpenFOAM and ParaView

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