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Moving Mesh Analysis and Model Generation

If you have a project about designing moving parts/equipment which involve continuous opening and closing like dampers in furnaces or A.H.Us, all type of valves, diaphragm enabled cylinder, piston-cylinder arrangement etc, you need to make a complete Moving Mesh Analysis of the design. It is also called Moving Boundary.

Moving Mesh Analysis is a very cutting-edge application of Computational Fluid Dynamics. In CFD, a moving boundary situation exists in many practical applications. The moving boundary represents a non-stationary computational domain for CFD analyses, which changes size and shape with respect to time. In order to resolve the moving boundary, mesh morphing technology must be enabled in the CFD analysis.

Features of Moving Mesh Analysis:
  • The analysis starts with the computational mesh at its initial position.
  • When the part moves, the moving mesh algorithm will automatically move mesh nodes on the moving surface as well as the neighboring nodes to their new locations without user intervention.
  • The opening and closing of the moving part controls a certain amount of fluid passing through the control volume. The time-accurate solution is a result of the instantaneous surface location and its corresponding flow-field quantities.

A valve opening and closing process is a very common example of such an application. In its analysis, the valveā€™s motion is either defined or determined by the momentum balance between the incoming fluid and the valve control mechanism (V.C.M).

Based on this analysis, the engineer can properly determine design parameters like the mass flow rate per opening-closing cycle, position control, etc.

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